SAfire Cookers drive is to design and produce high quality eco friendly fuel efficient portable cookers for leisure and outdoors use.

We strive to meet with international standards and requirements.

The SAfire roaster is an extremely versatile cooker enabling one to roast, bake, fry, smoke, BBQ, and stew, in fact to cook from the most basic too gourmet meals “ what ever, were ever, when ever.”

Weighing in at a mere 3.7 KG – 8.16 lbs and only 30 cm -12 inches in diameter the SAfire roaster is portable as well as easy to store away in confined spaces.

The Roaster is extremely fuel efficient using only 350 – 400 grams of charcoal briquettes for a phenomenal cooking time of +- 3 hours.

Other design features are that the cooking oils and fat cannot drip onto the hot coals preventing excessive smoke as well as preventing the fire flaring up.

The design is such that there is no necessity for adjusting temperatures as the unit will operate at around 180 degrees centigrade while cooking with the dome on with 350 grams of fuel, the unit can be placed on virtually any surface without burning the surface. The dome clips on, making the unit extremely safe as children cant get to the hot coals and if the unit does get knocked over the coals cant come out preventing fires or harm.

SAfire History
In 1998 Ken Hall having been involved in the housing trust in South Africa which was involved in the development of housing for the underprivileged, he was exposed to the poverty and hardships of the people and worst of all the outbreaks of shack fires caused by the low cost stoves that were used, which were unsafe and would destroy hundreds of homes and lives through fires. From this was born the idea to develop a cooker which was first and foremost safe, economical and long lasting. A unit was developed which won numerous awards world wide. Using the experience gained from the development of this product and combining the positive factors and improving on the unit itself the Safire Roaster was born.

The Safire Roaster is designed for the first world market where saving the environment and compact living has become a way of life, and people who enjoy the out doors and are always on the move. Some of the innovative features introduced to improve the unit were to improve the oxygen flow and there by reducing the output of carbon monoxide, helping to protect the environment. Dome clips have been added to the dome to allow the unit to be locked.

this has several benefits, such as...

1. Easy to carry the unit by the dome handle.

2. Keeping the dome in place in unstable environments such as boats.

3. Safety is one of the plus factors of the SAfire. The low centre of gravity makes it virtual impossible to topple the unit. The hot coals are completely enclosed, making the unit safe from burns through direct contact with the coals as well as shielding them from the wind preventing hot ashes blowing around. The SAfire is also a very healthy unit to use as all the oils and fats drain off away from the meat and the fire preventing excess oil/fat smoke.

4. The griddle is reversible making it a frying pan or ideal for pizzas.

5. The SAfire is one of the most economical Compact light weight portable charcoal cookers available today using only 350 - 400 grams of compressed charcoal (briquettes) enabling one to cook almost anything for up to 3 hours. This on its own saves the environment by omitting a lower volume of carbon dioxide and other undesirable gases into the atmosphere as well as saving the forests by using such a low amount of fuel to cooking time ratio.

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